The Medal SliderJuly 7th -the day I heard that Borealis Press wants to publish my novel, The Medal.

My roller coaster ride with Borealis began in February. On one of my crazy-busy Tuesdays, I rushed home at 5:30 pm  to change out of my yoga clothes and get ready to pick up my neighbour for choir practice. I’d just put on my coat when my husband called, “By the way, there was a call for you.”

“Who was it?”


“Frank who?”

“I can’t remember his last name. I wrote it on the piece of paper on the dining room table.”
“What did he want?”

“He called from Borealis Press.”

“What! Why didn’t you tell me sooner.”

He grinned.

The next day, I phoned Frank. I was thrilled that he wanted to see my manuscript. I’d only sent the query letter, synopsis and first three chapters ten days earlier!

Along with the manuscript and covering letter, I sent several pages of marketing ideas. By the end of the month, Canada Post assured me that Borealis Press had received the package.

When I returned from  a trip to B. C. at the end of April, I got a call from Frank asking about the manuscript. I learned the next day that it had been misdirected to another reader, but was now in Frank’s hands.

Since I planned to visit a friend in Ottawa in late June, I emailed Frank suggesting that we have coffee. Although our planned meeting turned out not to be convenient, we did speak on the phone about additional marketing strategies. Frank assured me he would be in touch soon.

On Monday, July 7th, amid machine noise from patio construction and the exuberance of five children imprisoned inside by the weather, the phone rang. It was Frank, offering me a book contract. What a glorious day!