Jo GlenIn 2012 and 2013 my dear friends Jo and John died. They were 94 and 98 respectively.

A few years earlier, I had interviewed them about their lives. The recordings were intended to be used as part of a project that would feature Cheryl-Ann Webster’s artistic interpretation and my writing about the lives of inspiring individuals. As it turned out, both of us went in different directions and never pursued the idea.

John W GlenIn a quiet moment during the holidays, I came across the recordings. What a great gift for John and Jo’s three sons and three grandchildren, I thought.  So I started transcribing the interviews. Wow! What an undertaking! I’d done transcription in the ’80’s for an M.Ed course assignment, but I’d forgotten how long it takes. I spent almost an hour typing 10 minutes of recording! I have 5 hours and 10 minutes more to go!

Fortunately, I’m tenacious. And I have a well-padded butt! I will finish this project, but it may just be in time for next Christmas!