Some happy news during this dismal COVID lockdown is that my nephew and his wife recently had a baby girl. The gift I bought for her arrived in a large box which was punctured by the delivery company. Fortunately, the high chair inside wasn’t damaged. Wrapping such a big box was problematic, so I rummaged around the basement for the acrylic paints and created a design that incorporated the hole as a knot in a tree. I’m no artist, but I had such fun sitting in the sunporch decorating the box that I didn’t realize I’d been busy for seven hours. A labour of love, for sure! After I finished painting, I folded a piece of paper into a little origami bird that I coloured and put into the knot hole.

When I delivered the gift, I even got to hold the baby. What a delight! She’s a keeper! Can hardly wait to see her again.