There was no room in the first session I attended at Drum Camp last Thursday afternoon, so I sat on a bench on the deck and played along, watching the leader through the open window. Two other women joined me. “Hi, I’m Laurie.” I held up my name tag. Jan and Irene introduced themselves. “We’re from Barrie, Ontario,” they said.

“Do you belong to a drum circle there?” I asked.

They shook their heads. “We’ve never drummed before.These are loaners.” They indicated their djembes. “It’s our first time here.”

“How did you find our about Drum Camp?”

“We read an article about drumming in a magazine. The article mentioned Drum Camp and listed the web site. We looked it up and it sounded like fun. So here we are.” They looked at me quizzically because I had started to laugh.

“You’re not going to believe this,” I told them. “I wrote that article!”



Djembe Drum Class

Djembe Drum Class