My new treadmill desk

My new treadmill desk

When some people write, they dump all their words on the page until they exhaust their ideas. It’s an intense, uninterrupted process.

Not me. I write a paragraph or two (sometime just a sentence) and then I review: there’s a better word here; I need more detail there; that sentence doesn’t make sense; this one needs to convey the emotion more effectively… It’s a slow, tedious process, but in the end, the 1st draft is usually lucid and reasonably polished.

Or so I thought.

I’ve recently gone back to some writing I did over a year ago. Time and distance let me read it with new eyes. What was I thinking? This section is far too wordy. I don’t need that phrase. Less is more. RUE (Resist the urge to explain). After another round of editing, the writing is much tighter, the piece much shorter, much better.

I wonder what I’ll think of it a year from now.