IMG_0777In the summer, a writing contest was announced in a locally published newspaper. Poetry or prose entries were accepted as long they they illustrated rural life. I had previously written a short story that fit the theme, so I rewrote it to the 750-word limit, and submitted it.

“You should enter something too,” I told my husband, who, in the past year had returned to writing ‘verse’ as he calls it. He didn’t seem keen. But when the deadline for entries passed and the paper announced an extension, John changed his mind.

A month later, he brought his iPad over to show me the email he had received. He had won the contest! I was delighted for him. Off he went to have his picture taken with the winner of the youth writing contest. The photo and their winning entries were featured in the next issue of the paper.

I had forgotten all about the competition when the editor of The Scoop contacted me. She was impressed with my story and was seeking permission to print it in the December/January edition. I smiled, and wondered if she knew that John (whose last name is different than mine) was my husband.

I guess we’re both winners!